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A quick chat with Sergia Louise Anderson


Complete Pole: Where do you train?

Sergia Louise Anderson: I am the owner and head instructor at The Vertitude in Los Angeles, California. I train all my pole competition and performance pieces on our seven 14 foot poles! It is a fabulous playground with lots of floor space for movement on and around the pole, and we also have aerial rigging as well for hoop and tissu.

Complete Pole: Do you offer Skype classes or some other form of distance teaching for folks who are not local?

Sergia Louise Anderson: I tour quite a bit so be sure to watch my Facebook fan page for updates, i just might be coming to your area! If I don't seem to be coming to your area soon, I am always available for Skype privates. I have ended up working with a lot of people from all over the world on pole and pole choreography. You can always book a Skype private with me at TheVertitude.com.

Complete Pole: Several people start out in a sport, and then give up. What made you persist?

Sergia Louise Anderson: I really do love the constant challenge. Pole keeps you on your feet. It is a lifetime of learning and sharing! Nothing feels better than working hard for a trick or executing a piece of choreography that you've been working to perfect. I think that people tend to stay with activities and workouts that they find fun. Pole truly feels like playtime to me. It is hard work, but it is well worth the rewards!

Complete Pole:
What would your advice be to someone taking up your sport?

Sergia Louise Anderson: My advice would be to remember why you started. Pole dance is really really fun. If you start focusing on the end result too much and not the journey itself, it can become discouraging. The progression is priceless. I remember working hard to master the beginner tricks and movements. I had just as much fun back then perfecting my fireman spin, climb, and jade, as I do now with more advanced tricks and routines. I truly I believe I excelled because of the amount of fun I was having. If you focus on enjoying all the little wins along the way, your journey will be so much more fulfilling. Don't be in a rush, you'll miss out on so many of the joys or learning. If you are not in love with learning, pole may not be for you. You will always be learning, there is no one day in pole where you will be able to proclaim "Ive learned it all" or "I am the best!" So if you are not one who enjoys being challenged and overcoming obstacles over time, it may not be the right fit. If you are smiling, then you are doing it right.

Complete Pole:
What does your diet consist of, and how does it change when you're training?

Sergia Louise Anderson: I do not eliminate anything from my diet! I enjoy food! When I am training I make sure to eat plenty of protein and greens, and I eat a lot of organic veggies and fruits. I love eggs, I could have them for every meal. I always carry snacks like almonds, apples, and bananas. I actually panic a bit if i don't have food on me, when you are doing so much physical activity, letting yourself get too hungry can really effect your performance. I find that when I am training, some things just don't make me feel at my best, so I will eat much less of it just to enhance my moods! I know that if I eat refined sugar or white flour, I tend to get a big rush of energy and then crash really hard. So hard sometimes I can't get up the energy to continue training or I become very unproductive and grumpy. So if I know I have to really work efficiently I eat accordingly. I do have cheat days though, and I love dark chocolate! I am constantly trying to stay hydrated so I try to drink water all day, especially if I am extra sore.

Complete Pole:
What do you need to be the best in the world?

Sergia Louise Anderson: Wow, great question! I love to be good at what I do, and I really enjoy the process of excelling in my craft. But, Im not quite sure what it would take to be the best in the world, because I know I will never be it, and that's okay with me. If you chatted to me in my late teens or early 20's I might have a totally different perspective on this, but at this time in my life, I am so grateful for what I do have in my life and the opportunity to create and perform on stage, that I don't often think about being the best in the world. I suppose you would need to have a fabulous amount of discipline, a decent handful of natural talent, and also truly have a passion for working hard in what you do. You would also need a team of wonderful supporters and friends to help you seize opportunities that came your way. So, defined in this way, anybody could work hard to be the best in the world, so if it is what you are after, seize the day

Complete Pole: What is the most politically correct name for your sport?

Sergia Louise Anderson: I don't think it's necessary to all agree on a specific name for our sport. In fact, I don't feel that I personally treat it just as a sport at all but also an art/dance/movement form. They are so many different ways people are choosing to use the apparatus of the vertical pole. I believe there is room for all different forms. If I was to try to label my particular style or give myself a title I would opt towards "pole dancer" or "pole artist" or maybe even "pole theatre artist." The work the pole community is doing on and around the pole is ever evolving, and that is what I love about it! It is limitless!

Complete Pole: What do you love most about pole?

Sergia Louise Anderson: I love that there are no boundaries and that you can use a pole in so many different ways to tell a character's story onstage. For example, to represent emotional excitement or heightening you could use an ascent up the pole or a whirling spinning pass. Or maybe you could personify the pole so it becomes your scene partner onstage. As the actor/performer, you can use the pole as a set piece, to represent a wall or something to lean on or even project off of. You can wrap your body around it. There are so many shapes and tableaus you can create with it. A kick propelled by the pole or a drop descending the pole can be used to bring out the musicality and drama in a piece of music. The pole gives the choreographer a tool to use in so many different ways. The only thing that binds all pole dancers is the fact that there is a vertical bar involved in their work, the diversity among the artists and athletes and how they can use that apparatus.

Complete Pole: What is the most common misconception about your sport?

Sergia Louise Anderson: That there is only one way to dance with a pole. That there is only one style.

Complete Pole: Tell us about your last competition

Sergia Louise Anderson: My last competition was Pole Sport Organization’s 2013 US National Championships, where I took first place. This was a fabulous competition with incredible talent! I worked really hard for that comp and had a great time training for it with two of my Complete Pole colleagues, Mary Ashton Kolacinski and Jennifer Kim. It was held in Las Vegas at the Tropicana in June of 2013.

I also recently competed in the Pole Doubles Category in the 2013 International Pole Championships in Singapore in November of 2013 with one of my doubles partners, Jennifer Kim. This was a sweet piece telling the story of a little girl and her doll.

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